Pillar One


The heart of our business pumps within the walls of our cannabis cultivation facilities. It is here that our strong backgrounds in quality control and technology allow us the ability to boast a higher-level of quality, consistency, yield and efficiency.

Growth Facility

100% ownership of Stigma Grow brand. Stigma Grow has currently completed Phase 1 of 66,000 sq/ft of their purpose built cannabis cultivation facility located on approx 8 acres in Red Deer, Alberta.

Future Ownership

Currently in preliminary discussions on a strategic acquisition for 100,000 sq/ft facility in British Columbia.

Pillar Two


We are a company that revels in the opportunity to meet face-to-face with those who seek to benefit from our products. Since 2016 we’ve actively gathered primary research surrounding the shortcomings and needs left unmet by many of the first-to-market retail cannabis stores, and look forward to providing an empowered and educated retail arm to our business, capable of delivering real solutions to identified consumer frustrations.

While other companies remain positioned to pass responsibility for shortcomings to others, we will be uniquely situated to make the changes required to provide truly satisfying retail cannabis experience that reflects adherence to law and understanding of our consumption community.

Red Deer Location

Establishing potential acquisitions, including an impressive Cannabis retail boutique located in the most highly sought after traffic hub of Gasoline Alley, Red Deer

Additional Locations

Preliminary discussions to acquire retail locations holding development permits in Calgary & Edmonton.

Pillar Three


The potential offered by the recent resurgence of the global hemp market is not an opportunity that Canadian farm country has any interest in letting pass by. Our focus will be to harness the versatility of hemp and provide it to a number of industries from clothing and textiles to beer and new cannabis extracts — all without the use of dangerous, environment-damaging chemicals.

Future Ownership

Currently in preliminary discussions on a strategic hemp processing and CBD extraction facility acquisition.

10,000 KG/YR

Our processing goal is to extract up to 10,000kg of CBD oils annually.

Pillar Four

Research & Development

As an Alberta- based company established by entrepreneurs seeking to pioneer an industry with vast opportunity and prosperous markets, we would be remiss not to take on the responsibility of research and development as part of our corporate vision. Not only are we looking to influence the industry by improving on areas that require it, we also look forward to disrupting the status quo via our scientific approach to the discovery, development and delivery of products that are 100% Alberta-strong.

Extraction Lab

Proposed construction for a state of the art processing lab.


Our unique approach to product development remains focused on providing customized, high-value experiences for Albertans.