Pillar One


The heart of our business pumps within the walls of our cannabis cultivation facilities. It is here that our strong backgrounds in quality control and technology allow us the ability to boast a higher-level of quality, consistency, yield and efficiency.

Growth Facility

Stigma Grow: Phase I completed (22,000 sq. ft.) of a 66,000 sq. ft. cannabis cultivation facility located on eight acres in Red Deer, Alberta.

Phase II is currently using approximately $1.3 million of existing working capital to complete 8 additional grow rooms within the company’s existing facility, resulting in 1,800 kg of cannabis and operating cash-flows of $8-$10 million per year.

Full completion of the facility will yield total estimated production of 5,000 kg of cannabis and operating cash-flows of $20-$25 million per year.

Phase III builds a 66,000 sq. ft. facility, proposed for completion in 2020, identical to the first, effectively doubling gross margins by 2021. Triple floor, purpose built, automated facility boasts impressive efficiency and yields.

New Cultivation Land

In 2019, CanadaBis Capital Inc. purchased Goldstream Cannabis Inc. to gain ownership of 13 acres of premium outdoor cannabis cultivation space.

Pillar Two

Processing & Extraction

CanadaBis acquired “Full Spectrum Labs”, a cutting-edge cannabis extraction, product development and R&D company, positioning us as an active player in the upcoming legal extracts market.

41,000+ KG/YR

Our focus is in providing a wide variety of THC and CBD products in conjunction with the legalization of extracts in October 2019 through our state-of-the-art extraction and processing facility. Our facility uses closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction processes to create our concentrates, ensuring the solvents used are never exposed to air for a safer, more efficient and cleaner final product.

24 Million in Cash Flows

Any portion of the facility’s 114 kg/day capacity, that is unutilized by Stigma, can be supplemented with third party extraction contracts for total estimated annual cash-flows of $24 million.

Pillar Three

Lifestyle Products

We’ve launched “Stigma Roots”, a lifestyle brand of topical creams and balms made from cannabis root that are not subject to Health Canada regulations and can be sold and marketed freely worldwide, with estimated annual cash-flows of $1.5 million.

Marketing Advantage

While others break or uncomfortably bend to the restrictive regulations and laws surrounding advertising cannabis brands in Canada, we’ve found a way to engage the public with our own, legal cannabis lifestyle products, to start them down the path to recognizing and engaging with our full family of cannabis brands. While others complain about restrictions, we strategically use them to our advantage.

Pillar Four


We are a company that revels in the opportunity to meet face-to-face with those who seek to benefit from our products. Since 2016 we’ve actively gathered primary research surrounding the shortcomings and needs left unmet by many of the first-to-market retail cannabis stores, and look forward to providing an empowered and educated retail arm to our business, capable of delivering real solutions to identified consumer frustrations.

While other companies remain positioned to pass responsibility for shortcomings to others, we will be uniquely situated to make the changes required to provide truly satisfying retail cannabis experience that reflects adherence to law and understanding of our consumption community.

Red Deer Location

Acquired “INDICAtive Collection”, an impressive Cannabis retail boutique located in the most highly sought after traffic hub of Gasoline Alley, Red Deer. Anticipated revenues are on track to deliver $1M+/year.

Additional Locations

Preliminary discussions to acquire retail locations holding development permits in Calgary & Edmonton are current.