Our Mission

Take advantage of the emerging Cannabis Market space through strategic mergers and acquisitions, strengthening ourselves through organic growth and a strong platform of diversity.

Our Strategy

Utilizing a unique capital allocation business model, our approach targets strategic acquisitions capable of driving future growth and state-of-the-art improvements in a variety of areas.

Our strength will come from our diversified assets portfolio that will position us as a vertically integrated leader in the Canadian cannabis industry. CanadaBis is currently creating a solid family of companies all united in focus and working towards the same integrated goals, and have surrounded ourselves with leaders in every area of the cannabis business to ensure success.

Equipped with access to proper financial support, and the expert training and education we can offer in-house, each unique pillar will be able to access resources quickly and efficiently, leaning on the strengths of our numbers and wealth of experience to ensure success via strategic collaboration.

Our Plan

Our existing cannabis business is supported by four pillars of focus: cultivation, hemp, retail and research. Each pillar will be strengthened not only by the experts and approach we bring to the table, but also by the support and access to research and resources that will come from the other three pillars, providing stability, opportunity and efficiencies that other siloed companies cannot access.

Financial Reports

Click the link below to access the CanadaBis financial filings via SEDAR.

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